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[Expired] Don't Buy this free $50 offer...

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DontBUY this offer to earn $50, if you are not going to actually buy and sell cyber currencies, have never bought and sold any securities, or aren't willing to spend the time to set up an account.

Here's why you can collect an easy $50, and why they will actually pay you the $50

The founder of UBER, (the disruptive taxi replacement company,) founded a new Bitcoin/ cyber currency trading platform.  He's using Uber's super successful customer revenue referral strategy to build his new company. 

To earn the $50:
  1. Sign up for a new account with Voyager's trading platform.  If you stop now, you will still earn a $25 signup bonus. 
  2. Wait for the second email after signing up, which has your REFERRAL link.  DO NOT FORWARD THIS SPECIFIC EMAIL
  3. Talk a friend of yours and ask them if they are willing to set up a new account on Voyager and earn $50 
  4. Send that REFERRAL link to that friend you know.
  5. Wait until Voyager opens for business in your state to collect the referral fees you've earned, along with your $25 signup bonus
  • Voyager may never open in your state, since it's a regulation nightmare to sign up customers in each state.
  • If you never spend the time setting up an account, you can't collect.  (New accounts aren't easy to set up, because federal and state government's KYC (Know Your Customer) laws require proof of ID.)  
  • Uber's multi-billionare founder might not fund Voyager which I doubt, but it's possible.
  • If you have no friends willing to open an account, you will only get your signup bonus of $25.  (But you can make much more if others also sign up.)
DO this to collect:
  • Use this referral signup link, (so I can also earn $25):  Alan's Voyager Referral Signup Link and just give them your name and email address.  (If the referral link is working with cookies, it will say "Referral" to the right of the acceptance checkmark.)
  • Wait for the emails, one of which will have your referral link, (and also a separate link that you SHOULD NOT SHARE), where you can see your referrals. 
Here are some of the finer details of their terms and conditions:

Note that these terms say that you must tell anyone that has your referral link that you will earn the $25 referral, and that you won't send out more than 25 emails per day.  You can only earn 100 x $25 in referrals.  Still that's $2,500 which isn't too shabby.